Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Seahawks 10am Game!

Due to an underwhelming turnout for last season's 10am start games we will be cheering for the Hawks attired in our pajamas in our living rooms like the rest of you crazy fools.  We will be opening at our normal Sunday time (2pm).  Thank you.  
Carry on 12 Man Nation.  Carry on.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!!

Come to the Duck to watch the game this Sunday @ 1pm!  You'll pay for the whole car seat (not really) but you'll only need the edge!

Go Hawks!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion Post #1 - The Seattle Times

What is happening right now?  The Duck Island has made the paper?  Whoa.

Check it out here:

Or better yet buy a subscription to the Seattle Times and get news articles and reviews and recommendations like this delivered right to your door. The paper is easy to navigate and it's very user-friendly.  You can pick the articles that matter to you and forget the rest, or discover that you really do have a interest in-
A walking tour of the International District!
The latest fall fashions, Northwest style, as they hit the hilly streets of our little city!
News from around the globe including Ebola and Islamic State!
Issues facing and actions taken by our local government!
Movie Reviews!
...And bringing the SELF back into this Shameless Self-Promotion Post #1-
Great restaurant, bar and food truck reviews for you to find your next favorite place to spend your time like the Duck Island Ale House!!!

Here are a few tasty tidbits that our author left out, totally understandable since he came here and ate under the radar, that I find interesting and I thought you might, too.

Chris Dalton is the owner of the Duck Island and also owns the best 24 hour greasy spoon in the city, Beth's Cafe, right next door.  When we went through our major remodel a few years ago it was his vision that brought the car seats to the front bar and he conceptualized the Fricken Chicken and Duck Balls that we are fast becoming known for.

Chef Rick Gerbus took Chris' ideas and ran with them, using his many years of kitchen experience to create and perfect the flavor profiles on all our dishes.  He is especially proud of the fried chicken, wings, pork shanks, duck balls and fish & chips.  All five are found to be crowd favorites among the regulars here.

The Duck Island has been known for it's great beer selection since 1996.  27 rotating taps and over 60 bottles with a special interest in sour beers and ciders.  Check out our BEERS ON DRAFT page for a list of what we are currently pouring.  I am sure you will find something that will interest you.  We also have a full bar with a well thought out selection of liquor.

I also want to say a little about our Trivia Night...  Hosted by Matt "Fatty" Mueller!  Our trivia night is awesome.  If you are doing trivia somewhere else, stop it!!  Come to the Duck on Tuesday nights and I promise you it will be a fun time had by all.  Matt is funny and inventive.  Never a boring round!  Intelligent enough for you smarty-pants people and entertaining and zany enough for you pop culture whizzes.  This is trivia for everyone.  And there's prizes!  Tuesday nights at 8:30pm. $3 buy-in for the 1st place prize.  There are specials on Tequila drinks ($1 off and $3.50 wells) and our Chicken Lime Tacos are 2 for 3.50!  Unbeatable!  Hope to see you soon!

One other little thing...  We are 21 years and older but, if you are looking to try the fried chicken for your family you can always order to go.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Seahawks this Sunday!

Due to an underwhelming turnout for last season's 10am start games we will be cheering for the Hawks attired in our pajamas in our living rooms like the rest of you crazy fools.  We will be opening at our normal Sunday time (2pm).  Thank you.  
Carry on 12 Man Nation.  Carry on.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Special Ovila Tapping Event Tonight! 6pm!

Ovila Abbey Barrel Aged Quad

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Brewery's Description:
Bold and flavorful ales are a great antidote for the long, cold, winter, nights, and our Barrel-aged Abbey Quad is the perfect choice when the north winds begin to howl. Matured in oak casks used to age brandy, this intense ale has layers of flavor and deep complexity. Caramel and dark fruit notes, blend seamlessly with the burned-sugar, date, black grape and vanilla notes of the brandy barrels creating a truly distinct and flavorful brew.

Come down to the Duck tonight after 6pm for a special tapping of Ovila's Rare Brandy Barrel-Aged Quad!   We will also be featuring two other delicious offerings from this American Trappist-Style brewery: a Saison brewed with Mandarin oranges and peppercorns and a Tripel (newly released this month!!).  Meet the Washington brewery representative, John Sanden, who will be here to answer all your questions and maybe even score yourself some free stuff! Bonus!  


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ovila Tapping Event!

Please Join Us!! 
Thursday September 25th
Ovila Night 
Duck Island!!!

We will be tapping kegs of...


An homage to the monks’ noble work, this unique farmhouse ale is incredibly complex with notes of lemon, pepper, straw and herbs balanced by the tang of Mandarin oranges and a spicy kick of pepper. The Mandarin oranges used to make this beer were locally grown, including a portion grown on the grounds of the Abbey of New Clairvaux and picked by hand by the community of monks living there. 

Abbey Tripel

Great Tripels are a testament to the skill of the brewer-monks who created them. Tripels play tricks on the senses—at first glance, they appear delicate and simple, but in reality, the golden color and mild appearance conceal a wealth of complex flavors. Ovila Abbey Tripel is our take on the classic style, with toasty malt sweetness balanced by reserved floral hop notes and complemented by a traditional Belgian abbey yeast. 

  Brandy Barrel-Aged Abbey Quad

Ovila Abbey Quad is heady with aromas of caramel, rich malt, and dark fruit balanced by the spiciness and delicate fruity notes of a traditional Belgian yeast. This complex beer is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the monks of the Abbey of New Clairvaux. It features sugar plums grown on the grounds of the Abbey and harvested by the monks in Vina. 

Here is some info from Sierra Nevada about the Oliva Program:

Our Ovila® Abbey Ales series is a collaboration with the monks of the Abbey of New Clairvaux in Vina, CA. Each beer is a modern twist on a traditional Belgian-style abbey ale—monastic inspiration and American innovation. These rotating Ovila Abbey Ales highlight, when possible, local ingredients grown and harvested by the monks on their nearly 600-acre working farm. We hope you enjoy these one-of-a-kind collaboration ales.

Come down tomorrow at 6pm and support the beginning of Trappist brewing in America!
See you then!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicken To-Go!!!

Not Chicken Run...
 Chicken Run

 Not Chick's to-go...

CHICKEN to go!!!
 Fried chicken is off the hizzle
Pressure Fried Chicken to be exact!
Tired after a day at work?
Too hot to cook at home?
Just have a hankering for Seattle's Best Fried Chicken?
Call and order to go!
Kitchen hours-
Sunday to Thursday... 3pm to 10pm
Friday and Saturday... 3pm to 11pm