Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nobody likes change...

... but it's gonna be good.

Pardon our mess of the pool room, at the moment...  Wait, I guess we won't be able to call it the pool room any more...  Aaaack!  Nobody likes change!!!!  Nobody likes change!!!  I don't like change!!! 

Okay, calm yourself down, Jackie...  This was sort of your idea in the first place.  Actually it was our bartender John's idea to get rid of the pool table and offer shuffle board, instead.  I thought that this was a great idea because, let's face it, it wasn't the best space for playing pool in ( much use of the stubby stick, broken pint glasses and all that).

So we decided to take the former pool room and turn it into the shuffleboard room.  We plan on adding a bunch more tables back there to maximize our seating and also give groups of people a place to be.  If you see the owner, Chris, please feel free to tell him how much you would like to have another flat screen tv back there, too...  Especially since football season is right around the corner, and it looks like the NFL package might be coming our way!  Sweet!

So, for now the shuffleboard is in a temporary spot in the 'back' room and the pool table is still there, waiting to be picked up and things are in somewhat of a state of disarray.  To the point that one of our regulars, Sam, put a sign on the lady's room door, on the inside, reminding you to watch your step because there is a POOL TABLE right outside the door.  So funny...  Things will be put back together soon and it will be so cool back there. 

Change can be good.  It will be good.  It better be good!  No, it will... it will...  You'll see...

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