Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beer Geeks and Hop Heads... PAY ATTENTION!

Last week my Alpha Distribution Guy, Jeff, calls me on the phone and says that he has a couple different 6th barrels from Boneyard Brewing. 
"What are they called?" I ask.
"Uh, Armored Fist Imperial CDA and Hop Venom" he says.
"Who else has 'em?" I ask. 
"Well, nobody yet..." he replies.
Hmmm... Boneyard has regular offerings that are super worthy, even though I had never heard of these two beers.  The kegs are kinda pricey, but what the hell.
"Gimmee!" I said.
And after I tapped the first keg, I was jumping up and down at my good fortune. 
This beer is called Hop Venom, which is amazingly apropos because it has all of the hop character of an imperial/double IPA, with none, NONE, of the bite. 
It pours a beautiful dark amber color, with a strange but wonderful apricot/orange hop front with a malty, sort of berry-like (I know, it's different) finish.  The 10% ABV is not evident in the mouth, but you can feel it warm the belly almost immediately.  This beer is the Barry White of Imperial IPAs.  Damn Smoooooth Baby.
Experience this beer before it's gone.  I've only got one 6th barrel and it's days on draft are already numbered.  You will not be disappointed, I promise you that.

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