Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Early Bird Gets the Bacon!

After A LOT of discussion between Beth's General Manager (Janelle), the morning cooks (the amazing Larry and Holly), the FNOG (Chris) and myself we have decided to try to open the bar at 9AM on Sat and Sun mornings.  Holy Canolli!  It's really gonna happen! At least through the end of January...

Things to look forward to:
Drink Specials! Mimosa's and Bloody's and Greyhounds... Oh my!
A Limited Food Menu from Beth's! (Of course there will be bacon.)
FOOTBALL!!!  (NFL Network and an extra 42" flat screen in the back room)
A dry and warm place to wait for your table at Beth's-WITH BOOZE!  Yippee!

Last, but not least, our new bartender:  Dat-da-dat-da... Mike George!  More dirt on him at a later date.

So, you are welcome down to the Duck this Sat and Sun for breakfast, booze and football.  Chris will be there buying lots of drinks for people on our maiden voyage and I think that you should definitely take advantage of the fact that we aren't sure exactly how this is going to go.  It's sure to be full of spectacle and hilarity...  Yes, we will be laughing as we go down in flames...  I mean, as we go down with the ship... I mean, as we work out the kinks, of course.

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