Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Weekend Hours, Menu and Drink Specials

So we took the leap and have decided to open at 9am on Sat and Sun.  Here is our amended morning menu and drink specials:

Duck Island
Weekend Menu

Biscuits and Gravy
(sausage gravy or vegetarian)

Hashbrowns, Eggs and Toast
(scrambled eggs, wheat or white toast)

Bacon and Eggs
(hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, wheat or white toast)

Bagel Sandwich and Hashbrowns
( w/ or w/out ham)

Cheese Burger and Fries

Boca Burger and Fries

Due to Volume of Weekend Business
At Beth’s There Can Be

Drink Specials
Bloody Mary’s…$4       Mimosas…$4
Vodka Wells…$3.75       Irish Coffee…$4.25
Bud/Bud Light Bottles…$2
We will also be having $4.00 pints of Beer Valley Pigskin Pale starting next weekend.

You should come in and bug our new addition to team Duck!  Mike is very laid back and nice and I think he is going to fit in great.  No mean feat, as the regulars all know.  Come in and introduce yourself and have a bloody mary and some bacon.  What a better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning?

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