Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carve that Pumpkin!!!

This sunday, the 30th, we will be doing a little pumpkin carving at the Duck.

The details:
BYOP (Bring your own pumpkin)
If you can't get a pumpkin to the duck, let me know (in advance) and I can provide one for you.
We will supply the utensils and buckets.
The best pumpkin gets a free drink... They may even share it with their creator.
If you have a pumpkin that you've already carved... bring it down and show it off.  It could win you a free drink!

I know, I know... drunk people with knives.  It'll be fine.  We've got a first aid kit and all you have to do is apply pressure, right?  Oh, and put all appendages on ice until they get to the hospital.  Totally got it under control.

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