Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nancy Brew and the Case of the Tricky Cask Task

You know, you'd think with the prolific number of beer geeks in this internet rich area I would have been able to find explicit instructions on how to tap a cask beer using a beer engine. 
You'd think. 
Ahhh, such was not the case, my friends.  I had to throw in the towel after a couple of failed attempts and hours wasted and call in the cavalry...
Enter Kenny, our Odom Distributor Rep.
"How may I help you, Miss?"
"Kenny, Kenny, help!  Our beer engine has fallen into a well and if we can't get it out, our ability to tap a cask conditioned beer (which is a beer that has been specially prepared to be tapped and drawn without the use of CO2 and therefore is considered to be a more traditional and flavorful way to serve a draught) in the time honored tradition of manually drawing a beer by hand will be gone...  Lost to us... FOREVERRRRR!" Insert much wailing and hand waving here....
"Never fear, Miss!  I know just the one to call!  Our draught tech, Dave!  Dave?  Oh, Da-ve?"
Enter Dave, coveralls blowing in the wind as he leaps gracefully from his work van, which is full of many solutions and wonderful things, and so is he!
"Here I am to save the day!  I will use my many skills to rescue that beer engine from the well and restore it to it's former shining glory!  But I will not stop there, oh no, for that is not my way.  I will show you how to tap this man-made machine of beer dispensing awesomeness, for your use now and for future generations of casks to come!"
"Oh, super draught tech Dave!  How may we ever thank you?"
"Just pour that cask conditioned Skagit Valley Scullers IPA as it was meant to be.  Serve that beer and you're serving up a taste of man's history and tradition.  Spread the word about cask conditioned ales.  That's all the thanks I need."
"Wow!  We'll do it, I swear!  Thanks super Dave!  You are a man among men, and a tech among techs!  Thanks, again!"
"You're welcome.  And now, I'm off to draught parts unknown.  There are gas leaks to be discovered and tap handles to be delivered.  Bye, Duck Island Ale House!  Happy pouring!!!!"
"Our hero!!!!"

Our first cask offering:
Skagit Valley Scullers IPA
Today, Saturday
Tomorrow, Sunday
You must try a pint and spread the word.  I promised.

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