Monday, October 24, 2011

RIP Uncle Bernie

One-sided phone conversation:

...I know, I know...   It was really so sad what happened to my Uncle Bernie last year.  What a terrible way to die... All alone.  No one to comfort him in his final hours. 
...No, there was no way to ever know what finally caused his heart to give out. 
...Yeah, he WAS pretty young! 
...What do I think did it?  Well, we'll never know for sure but there was all that excitement at the Halloween Party at the Duck the night before.  You know, with the costume contest, drink specials and $3.50 pints of Hopgoblin Ale by Big Time and $4 pints of Dead Guy Ale by Rogue.  Yep, the Dead Guy might have actually made Bernie a dead guy.  Tragic.
...Anyway, I think the revelry may have done him in.  Poor, poor man... 
... I know, it's SERIOUSLY CRAZY...
...And THEN to have that kooky guy Larry and his nutty friend Richard try to manually reanimate his corpse in order to party in his house, get chicks and escape the mob?  Well, the whole thing is just so hard to believe, if you ask me.  Not even Hollywood could make up a story this ridiculous...
...Yes, it's almost been a year to the day and I'll tell you one thing for sure.  There is no way I'm going to be at the Duck Island this year.  I'm sure there is going to be an insane amount of fun and I hear that those heart defects can run in the family...

Halloween Party at the Duck!
Monday, October 31st
Costume contest:
Judging at 9:30pm
Prizes awarded 10:30pm
1st place-50.00 bar tab
2nd place-25.00 bar tab
3rd place-bar shwag and a free pint
It will be a spooktacular good time!
Come down if you DARE!!!

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