Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 3 T's

Hello all you Duck Islanders... Just a quick blog to catch you all up on happenings at the Duck in the coming week:

T-1 Trivia!!!  Tonight and every Tuesday night at 8pm.  Here are a couple of examples of topics from last week's bout:
One round was a map of Seattle with the neighborhoods marked off and people had to fill-in as many of the names of the neighborhoods and they could. 
Another round was picture matching with tv cast members matched up with the bar or restaurant they hung out in.  Extra points for coming up with the correct name, as well.
The "major award" for third place was...  A Salad Shooter!  And a can of Pringles!!  Hooray!

T-2 Tacos!!!  Tomorrow night and every Wednesday at 5pm we have dollar tacos at the Duck.  Especially important to remember on the day before Thanksgiving because who wants to cook?  Also, tacos are about as far away from roasted turkey as you can get.  I'm sure you will be getting your fill of left-overs for the next week or so.  Dollar taco and a PBR.  Dinner is done!

T-3 Thanksgiving!!!  We will be opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving night.  So when you are done with the family and are ready to blow off some steam and celebrate the long weekend with a pint, come down and join all the other like-minded individuals.  It's always lots of fun.  Oh, not to mention $4 pints of Oakshire Harvest!  Can't beat that price anywhere.  Let us give thanks for beer and all thing alcoholic!  Amen.

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