Thursday, November 10, 2011


Matt "Fatty" Meuller approached me a few weeks ago about wanting to host a Trivia night at the Duck.  With all the incredibly intelligent and competitive people that frequent our little dive bar I thought that this could be challenging and full of hilarity.  Having done his research around town at many successful trivia nights, Matt is just the right person for the job.  The topics will promise to be varied, fun and quirky, just like our customers.

Here's the facts:
Tuesdays at 8pm
$2.00 buy-in to seed the pot.
No more than 5 people on a team.
1st place wins the pot (cash money, baby!).
2nd place wins a pitcher of beer.
3rd place wins consolation prize.

The more people come to play, the more money you can win... so spread the word and bring your friends.  Also, a major award will be given to the team with the best name.  Ooooooh, a "Major Award??"  Could be... 
"Fr-aa-gee-lay...  Hmm, it must be Italian!!!"

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