Friday, March 23, 2012

Dogs and Dogs at the Duck

Hop heads... tell your taste buds to start their engines.  We've secured a extremely rare keg of... 
Wait for it...

Waaaait for it.....

Blue Dot IPA by Hair of the Dog!  ON DRAFT!!!  Awe-some!
In celebration of this monumental event (maybe not MONUMENTAL, but pretty fricken cool, anyway) we have created our "Dogs and Dogs at the Duck" event... and no, all you owners of the canine variety, you still may not bring your dog into the bar.  We know that sucks, and we are sorry.

Moving along...
So what goes the best with a wonderful, hoppy, complex, drinkable, kick-ass double IPA like Blue Dot?  A selection of salty, greasy, spicy, meaty brats in a bun.  There will even be some vegi-dogs for you lousy hunters.  Yeah!  That's right!   It's a hot dog bar! 
Hot dog bar?  Waddaya mean?  This bar is already full of hot dogs!
It's the best of the wurst. 
It's a wiener every time!
(insert your own terrible pun here)

Get on with it already?
Alright, here's the details-
Sunday, April 1st. No Foolin'!
5pm - till we run out of stuff
$7 Pints of Blue Dot
$4 Trips to the Dog Bar
See you then...

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