Saturday, May 12, 2012

4 Seasons Substitute Draft

I was hoping... hoping that the alcohol content on the Pumking was going to carry it through the last 8 months, but alas...  it didn't hold up as well as I wanted...  Sad.  
But, I had another beer ready to sub-in, waiting to be tagged into the draft line-up.  
Dah dah tah dah...  Introducing for a one time only appearance....

Stone/The Bruery/Elysian-Citrueille
Although this collaboration between some of the best brewers on the West coast produced a beer that is categorized as a pumpkin/fruit beer, this is no pumpkin pie beer.  You won’t find any nutmeg, cloves or cinnamon.  What you will find in the La Citrueille is an amber ale brewed with pumpkins, yams, rye, toasted fenugreek, birch bark, and lemon verbena. The taste starts with citrus and herbal notes, but then a very smooth roasted malt character comes into play. The yam and pumpkin make their appearance on the finish, with some spiciness and trace maple notes from the toasted fenugreek, combining with hints of birch.
5% ABV / 47 IBU

This beer has a lot going on and has held up well over the last few months.  You'll probably never see this beer again.  Come down and try a pint.

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