Wednesday, May 9, 2012

John McCoy... Movin' On Up!

Our beloved bartender, John McCoy, has decided that he needs to get a REAL job (whatever, sheesh!) and is moving on to bigger and better things.  Quitter!

Actually, we at the Duck Island and adjoining Beth's Cafe, are so proud of John, who is leaving us to be the new field coordinator (Snohomish county) for Jay Inslee's reelection campaign.  As sad as we are to see him leave, we are excited to see him pursuing his life's dream and know that he is on the way to doing great things and making a big difference in this world.  We love you, John!  Congratulations!

Come visit John during the next week and a half.  His schedule is M, W, and Thurs starting at 8pm.  His last day is Sausagefest on Thurs 17th.  Offer him your congratulations... (between you and me, a few extra bucks wouldn't hurt, either...) 

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