Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pardon the mess...

If you have been to the Duck lately you might have noticed that the facelift/remodel is currently underway.  It's interesting to come in everyday and see what new things we have to deal with as employees.  Yes.  Interesting...  
We have the final goal set in our minds and I don't mind telling you that it is going to be "SO COOL!"  Our handyman/contractor Ed is working double-time to get things finished in a timely manner.  The final set up for our front room bar area has been finalized and approved by Chris, Ed and our bar consultants (Drew and Keith) and me, too!  I love it, love it, love it and you will, too.
Our consultants are an interesting part of the remodel.  They both have lots of experience in the industry and are way, way cooler than Chris or I.  Because of their input the final product promises to keep to our weird little bar vibe in the place. The crazyfunkycool ambiance will feel deliberate and thought-out and we will have pieces that will capture the eye and the, er, imagination and which are subtle enough that it won't look like we are trying too hard.  The back bar is going to be set up much more efficiently, too, which means less wait time for the you, the customer. 
We found the wood for our new bar top, but it is in it's raw state, so it might be awhile before we are able to install it due to the fact that it takes time to work wood like that properly.  I have seen pictures of the type of wood and when it's finished and it is simply beautiful.  Just one more thing to look forward to.
Lastly, if there is anything that you would like to see at the Duck, like coat hooks under the bar top, let us know.  We want your input!  
Oh, and pardon our mess... 

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