Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yummy new beers!


pFriem American IPA:
pFriem is a newer brewery just established in Hood River in 2012 and is already making a name for itself in the highly competitive Oregon market.  Available for the first time in Washington pFreim's lineup leans toward the Belgian Styles,  with a nod to the ubiquitous regional favorite American IPA. Here's what the brewery has to say about that:
 When the first Pale Ales were sailed around the Cape to arrive in India in the early 18th century, outcries of “Zounds! Jolly good! and Huzzah!” were heard across the East Indian subcontinent. Similar exclamations are to be expected when sniffing the piney aroma and tasting the big hops, huge citrus and candy-like malt of Pfriem’s own IPA. Drink up, Guv’nor.
7.2% 65 IBUs
This IPA is just lovely.  Citrusy, refreshing, goes down smooth and easy with just enough bite to leave you wanting another glass. 

The Lost Abbey-San Marcos CA
Serpent's Stout Imperial Stout (11%)

Pours dark and thick, with a creamy mocha-colored head and aromas of roasted malts, dark chocolate and french roast coffee.
The mouthfeel is full, smooth and round on the tongue. The taste is rich with deep roasted malts, cocoa, coffee and a touch of vanilla balanced perfectly against the alcohol.  This beer is balanced, balanced, balanced.  The ABV is so well hidden you should stand up and check YOUR balance before you decide on having another.

Pike Old Bawdy Barleywine
Everything that you'd expect from one of the classic Seattle Breweries.  A solid American barleywine that pours a beautiful burnt orange color (like our couch in the seventies) with IBU's clocking in around 90, a dried fruit, malted front with a nicely bittered finish.  ABV hovers around 10%.  Although the malts and hops change year to year, Pike always delivers a winner and this year is no exception.

Big Time Powerfinger Rye Pale Ale
I love having Big Time in our line-up!  Our patrons will be seeing more of them in the future and I could not be more pleased.  
This is what the brewery says:
Lookout Mama, this Gold Medal winner in the specialty beer category at the 1996 GABF is a popular brew among the rotating taps at Big Time.  A light in color Rye ale with 18% rye malt which lends a mild spiciness.  Galina hops were used to bitter this ale, and Liberty hops are featured at the end of the boil.  OG 15.6 Plato (1.063), 6.8% alcohol by volume.
That being said I have to give a shout out to Big Time for their Scarlet Fire IPA.  One of my all time favorites and has been for years.  Look for it in the line-up, soon soon soon.  


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