Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arrested Development Sunday's @ the Duck!

For fans of Arrested Development this Sunday marks a long, long awaited occasion.  Netflix is finally releasing the 4th season of this brilliantly written, critically acclaimed comedy.  With a large fan base that has continued to grow over the years, despite the show being cancelled 2/3rd of the way through it's 3rd season in 2006, we can all finally see what the Bluth family has been up to.

The season will be a slightly different format, consisting of 15 episodes with each episode predominantly focusing on one member of the Bluth family and what they have been doing since 2006. The first episode will revolve around Michael who will be the only character to appear in all 15 episodes. Each episode will leave the character in a predicament that will reportedly be solved in an upcoming movie.  

This show is hysterical, witty, wry and goofy.  It is really fun to watch in a group.  We will be showing 2 of the new episodes every Sunday @ 6pm, with 1-2 old episodes of the show, starting from the beginning, so you can fall in love... for the first time or all over again.  Even if you can't help watching them all at once at home, come out and watch them again in a group of fellow fans.  Comedy is meant to be shared with friends, and a cold beer or cocktail just adds to the fun. 

Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer 

"I just blue myself"

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