Thursday, May 9, 2013

Updates to our Restaurant & Bar

Duck Island Ale House Bar is yes...drum roll to the public, and we have been for a long time.  There seems to be some confusion out there with the great news that we have in fact updated and remodeled our bar, and shall we say, our restaurant!  Yes, we still deliver food over from Beth's Cafe which we're happy to do, especially late at night.  But we're also working with our new menu and doing our own food at Duck Island Ale House.  It's going to be super good!  Stay tuned...

We have our recipe down for our House Duck Island Chicken!  You'll have to come in and try our new, signature chicken dish!  We'll always experiment with different spices and sauces, but we'll always have our fall back signature Chicken.

Our new Chef is Rick!  He's awesome!  He's even got his own little following as well.  He's developing a really good menu.  We're all excited about it!

And no, this is not the wonderful Jackie.  This is another person - a person you don't know - who is helping with updates and information to all that is Duck Island Ale House in Seattle, WA.  We're pushing for some major changes and improvements, so why not talk about it?  We'll keep you posted here.

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