Thursday, August 15, 2013

Living Social Deal = Chicken and Beer!

Soooo...  If you have been to the Duck lately you might have noticed that we are operating our own kitchen now.  It was one of the last things that we had to tweak to complete the remodel we started in January.  

Speaking as a life-long server, I can tell you that there is nothing more gratifying than setting down a plate in front of a hungry person and feeling proud of what you are presenting to them.  I am so happy to serve this menu that our Chef Rick Gerbus has put together.  It is the perfect accompaniment to our well-rounded beer selection and our signature dishes of Fricken' Chicken (pressure fried to perfection) and Wings proudly stand up to some of the best in town.

In an effort to get the word out we are running our first coupon on Livingsocial.  It is an incredible deal that includes Two 4 piece Chicken Baskets and Two beers ($6 or under).  This is the perfect opportunity to come down and try out what we have to offer.  The opinions so far speak for themselves:

"You know it's good when we aren't even talking to each other...  We're just busy getting the chicken off the bone and into our mouths.  It tastes that good."

"My stomach is so happy right now..."

"These are some of the best wings I have ever had in Seattle."

"That's the SMALL plate of nachos?  These are delicious!"

We will only be running this deal for another day or two, but we are definitely worth the trip, even without the coupon.  Our pricing is always reasonable.

Another new addition to the Duck Family...  Skee Ball!  Come down and give it a try!


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