Monday, September 23, 2013

Fricken' Chicken is Fricken' Good!!!

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    Seattle, WA
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    If you like fried chicken but haven't tried broasted chicken before, you are missing out! Pressure fried chicken means it's more crispy on the outside, hot/tender on the inside, and less greasy than traditional deep frying. I've had this style at a few places, only finding out about Duck Island when they ran a LivingSocial deal recently, despite being to neighboring Beth's countless times over the years.

    Their proprietary blend of spices had just the right amount of black pepper with hits of rosemary, thyme, and whatever else. Warning: It's scalding hot when it arrives, so let it cool down for longer than you think you've been warned!

    Service here was awesome even on a Saturday night, and I should also mention that they have a great selection of beers on tap. It took a long time, but I finally found a local broasted chicken joint that rivals my other favorite (Marco Polo).
    Chris, the owner, is going to be so happy to read this review!!! The Marco Polo chicken is (in his opinion) the holy grail of broasted/pressure fried chicken and something to aspire to.   To be named a rival is a huge compliment!  Thanks Patrick L.!
    p.s  Our chef, Rick Gerbus, is the man! 

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