Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 These are scenes from the Seahawks vs 49'ers game!  Hey, did you guys know that by winning this game we are now going to the SUPERBOWL????

 Two birthday girls!!!
Who needs birthday cake when you can have great beers and free jello shots and a win for your favorite team!

 The island at the Duck... Pounding on the counter works, and it's only weird if it doesn't work.  The yellow cedar is magic, I tell you, magic...

And speaking of magic... some of our lovely neighborhood regulars from the awesome Greenlake Games (on Aurora) staked out on the reclaimed bus bench.  No need to hitch a ride, Dan, unless it's to New Jer-seeeey

Let's have a repeat this Sunday!  1:30 open!  $2 Jello Shots!  Full Duck Menu Available! Free Champagne Toast to Celebrate Our Victory!  Go HAWKS!!!!

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