Monday, July 20, 2015

Saturday July 25th, Ayron and the Way @ Grinders

Photo credit: Alex Crick
Photo credit: Alex Crick
Seattle guitarist and frontman Ayron Jones (Eh-Rahn), has become one of Seattle’s hottest up-and-comers with his brand of Seattle Rock. Jones has taken a hybrid style of guitar playing, in which the chord and solo are played at the same time, and infused the raw energy of punk with the inner-city attitude of Hip-Hop. The result is a soulful reincarnation of that iconic Seattle sound. Think, Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Nirvana.
In 2010 guitarist Ayron Jones started Ayron Jones and The Way, a three-piece blues rock band. By the Summer of 2012, the young band had been making appearances on local Seattle radio shows, and had opened for the legendary Robert Cray. The band soon grabbed the attention of the local media and more importantly, Seattle Hip-Hop icon and Grammy award-winning rapper, Sir Mix A-Lot. After seeing the band perform live, Mix A-Lot approached the band and offered to produce their album. The group accepted the offer and they immediately began recording.

 View some of their videos here:

Check out their full website here!

Show starts at 8pm.  Seating starts at 7pm.
$10 cover added to your bill
Reservations Recommended!!!   206-542-0627

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